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North Canton, Ohio—Roca, a 100% family owned Spanish company, has accomplished an international expansion that has resulted in a commercial network of more than 80 countries. Roca also has 45 factories in 18 different countries.  Roca is the largest sanitaryware manufacturer and the fifth-largest ceramic tile manufacturer in the world with factories in the U.S., Spain, Brazil and Peru.

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Roca History
Compañía Roca Radiadores, S.A. was founded in 1917 by the Roca brothers and initiated its operations manufacturing cast-iron radiators. The fact that the company rapidly dominated this market along with the will to embark on expansion programs served as the impetus to widen the product range and dedicate time to new product research.

Roca stormed the bathroom decoration market in 1925 with the introduction of the first cast-iron baths, and in 1936 with the launch of sanitaryware fixtures. Understandably, Roca possessed the businessman’s instinct to diversify products, but always within the framework of comfort products, and this lead Roca to enter the air conditioning market in 1963.

In 1980 the production of wall and floor ceramic tiles was initiated, which rounded off the full range of bathroom products. These range from the most sophisticated water massage systems to the simplest of accessories, shower trays, shower enclosures and shower screens, all types of taps and mixers, bathroom furniture, mirrors, wall lights, and accessories. Of course, not forgetting the wall and floor ceramic tiles in all their different types, designs and formats.

In 1998, a new Ceramic Plant started production close to Castellón, considered the most advanced in the ceramic tile sector.

In 1999, Roca opened a new warehouse in Spain. This constituted the first fully automatic warehouse in the ceramic industry.

Roca’s history stretches across three quarters of a century and is now synonymous with guaranteed performance and trust. With factories and subsidiaries spread across various continents, Roca has proved to be one of the most ambitious world-wide business projects.

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Roca Vision, Mission and Values

The vision of Roca Cerámica is to be the leader in the worldwide ceramic sector, and to be perceived as an organization which banks on the quality and development of its products, for its customer service and for respect of the environment.

The mission of Roca Cerámica is to offer a wide range of superior - quality ceramic products and innovation, generating resources that guarantee the company’s continuity, in order to satisfy, together with the rest of the units of the group - all of its customers’ needs in residential, industrial and public installations, seeking maximum comfort and well-being.

The values of Roca Cerámica are:
Quality: we guarantee that our customers are buying a product that has been through an internal quality control system, which makes it possible to guarantee the strictest standards. Roca has been certified according to two prestigious standards like ISO-9001 and EMAS.
Innovation and creativity: we analyze trends and the needs of society to develop suitable products and designs, using cutting-edge technology.
Ethics: we act honestly and truthfully in our dealings with our employees, customers and suppliers.
Commitment to society: we work towards the continuous progress of the company and its environment in a sustainable fashion.
Respect for the environment: we profess an ecological commitment based on a responsible and demanding environmental policy to guarantee the sustainable development of the company. Good proof of that is the certification with ISO-14001 and ECOLABEL

Roca Tile Group Brands

Today, Roca Ceramic Tile Division operates in more than 50 countries under four brands Roca, Incepa, Laufen and USCT,  thereby guaranteeing the best possible fit with the product requirements of different markets. The Roca Tile Group is a world-wide leader in manufacturing, distributing and marketing high-quality ceramic and porcelain tile.

As a result of this blend of brands, Roca offers a wide range of ceramic products with an excellent quality, that can be used in interior decorating for bathrooms, additional applications for the whole house, as well as interior and exterior use. This makes Roca group the ideal choice for domestic, industrial or public fittings. The product range offers solutions for all types of uses, from the rustic elements to the high resistance floor tiles, covering single colors, marble, decorated tiles and complements. All in all, as with the rest of the Roca products, this material enjoys prestige and quality, something which has always distinguished this Company from the others. 

Roca guaranties the highest level of quality through industrial processes of the highest precision, to achieve optimum wear resistance, retention of glazes and decorative effects, color fastness, precision in formats, and perfect flatness in every single item produced.

The Roca Tile Group
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Chicago, IL
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E-Mail: noreen.schertler@laufen.com
Website: www.rocatilegroup.com


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